Choosing a live band


  • You can’t beat live music for creating a party atmosphere.
  • The band should lead your party. No matter what the style of music, an infectious sense of fun is an essential ingredient in getting a party going. If the band is having fun on stage, so will you and your guests on the dance-floor.
  • Live music is an excellent ice-breaker as a group of wedding guests normally consists of two separate families along with the bride and groom’s friends and everyone is just getting acquainted. What better way to complete your special day with everyone on the dance floor enjoying the music and atmosphere?
  • Most venues have no problem with bands but it is worth checking with your wedding reception venue that live music is permitted. In particular you should check the size of the room you’re hiring and the area the band will be playing in. Most venues will specify where the band should play so once you have these details you’ll know what size band you can hire.